Annual Workshop Law & Competition Policy : BRICS & Anticompetitive Practices

Since 2009 em-lyon business school and the University Lyon III have organised a series of workshops on competition law and associated economic issues. These workshops bring together experts in law, economics, strategy, marketing and even philosphy. they are led by Professor Anne Tercinet of em-lyon and Professor Cyril Nourissat of the Faculty of Law. Although open to academic world, these workshops deal with concrete real-world problems. The theme of this year was « BRICS & Anticompetitive Practices ». It took place on July 6&7, 2017, on the campus of em-lyon business school.

The workshop started with Georges de Nemeskeri-Kiss, Professor of Economics, who presented the BRICS and demonstrated that these countries have very little in common economically speeking. Brazil and Russia face slow recoveries from deep recessions and South Africa is still in recession.  Only in China and India high growth continues.  China dominates economically with a High growth but China will have to face long-term problems. From an economic point of view China has a deep demographic problem which come from the single child policy, it has excessive growth in real investment financed by credit, and China Is lowering returns on capital, fragilising the financial system.

Another deep contribution has been the one of Dr Alexandr Svetlicinii, Assistant Professor at the University of Macau, Faculty of Law. He analyzed the actual and potential contribution of the BRICS to overcoming or shifting the global fragmentation of competition law. He advocated that the overview of the current BRICS initiatives and cooperation should provide a better understanding of the BRICS approach towards the role of competition law, substantive and procedural competition rules, and international enforcement cooperation. His paper is an attempt to understand whether BRICS could potentially become an alternati

ve multilateral platform for the international dialogue on competition law cooperation.

Dr Avinash Dadhich, Advocate at the Supreme Court of India presented us a remarkable analysis of India Competition Law, its implementation especially concerning anti-competitive practices. He focused on the procedure and a convincing demonstration of the inde

pendency of its Competition Commission of India.

By contrast Dr. Anne Tercinet presented an introduction to China Competition law for the anniversary of the AML, where she insisted on the specificities of China to explain the efficiency but as well the lack of transparency and of independence of the competition authorities.

The different papers presented focused more on India and China. Three of them will be published soon.

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